Hello guys!!

Sorry that this is coming so late! Have been really busy with work and random stuff (not sure what also but always dun seem to have enough time hehe). SO as i was saying i went over to coventry to pay xinhui a visit and indulge in some CNY festive joy, so here are some photos! =)

XinHui's favourite shot mode that makes photos look old. =) Pretty tree!

We had scones for lunch, which is a traditional English afternoon tea thing to eat but these were humongous so they were more than sufficient for lunch =P

We visited the ruins of the Kenilworth Castle. XinHui is stooping on the ground coz her strong muscles broke the zip of her bag and she was trying to fix it HAHA. I was too busy laughing at and taking photos of her! =D (but i fixed it in the end ok? =P)

That's me sitting among the ruined walls of the castle.

Some self-shots on a bus trip hehheh... What to do handsome guy and pretty girl =P

The next day we went to the beautiful beautiful town of Stratford-upon-Avon, which is Shakespeare's birth place! EVERYTHING here had some link to shakespeare, and XinHui and I were joking that we would not be surprised if we saw a toilet which had the sign "This was where Shakespeare once frequented" haha...

XinHui in front of Shakespeare's birthplace. Damn big la haha..

Woots love this picture of XinHui and I by the river Avon. =)

And we visited Warwick castle after that! XinHui in her supermodel pose >.<

Climbed the tower of the Collegiate Church of St. Mary. XinHui's fav mode again =D

Warwick Castle from above the church. I think churches are so magical and majestic!

The sumptious CNY dinner we had that included laksa ( =D), char siew ( =D =D), cabbage and rost chicken!! =)

Yup that's all! All you peeps in sg take care ya? Those going for O1 camp fire tml please enjoy urselves, those meetin up with juniors this weekend also have fun! Update us on your lives! =)