Saturday, May 15, 2010


hello 7b! ages since i blogged in general. hope everyone is fine! haha jus bored after finishing exams and finding stuff to do when i recalled we had a blog! dunno how many of u will be reading but oh well.. wow time flies some people have alr graduated and are working/going to work soon! feels extremely old.

haha jus wondering how is everyone doing around the world. cya soon =)

Monday, August 03, 2009

random post

just some definitions cooked up by kk and me randomly today :)

osmosis: something that you threw away when you left hwachong.

newton's first law: you must eat breakfast in the morning.
newton's 2nd law: you must eat lunch at noon.
newton's 3rd law: you must eat dinner at night.

(sorry there's no law for supper... you can try 0th law of thermodynamics?)

for the record kk violated the 1st n 2nd law today wahaha. cheers :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hello! =)

Happy belated birthday to the class and Brian too haha. I guess we've all been damn busy with uni camps/school/attachments/work/internships etc. Who would have guessed that the senior class is still so happening haha! Jia you everybody with everything yup! =)

Paul aka shuai ge hehe!

Monday, July 13, 2009

class bday =)

was having dinner jus now at bugis junction nydc and ran into abt 20 04s7b seniors. apparently they were gathered to celebrate the cls bday, which is in fact, TODAY! =) lol totally forgot abt it. we shld make it a yearly event lol. 13/7 is the cls bday in case anyone doesnt noe tt.

shall take this opportunity to clear exactly 5 mths of dust and wish 7b a happy bday! meet up soon! =)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Looking at paul's pictures makes me incredibly envious. My goodness! They(the pictures) look almost straight out of some sevenwondersoftheworld book and probably the only thing preventing us from appreciating the landscape a little more is the people within the pictures, who happen to be blocking out huge chunks of beautiful mother earth. (oh dear :P) I would so much like to pretentiously mutter shakespeare-related lines in his own backyard, and indulge in the almost magical climate that contrasts so sharply with sg's.

Such is the pathetic life of sg's urban-ites!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Hello guys!!

Sorry that this is coming so late! Have been really busy with work and random stuff (not sure what also but always dun seem to have enough time hehe). SO as i was saying i went over to coventry to pay xinhui a visit and indulge in some CNY festive joy, so here are some photos! =)

XinHui's favourite shot mode that makes photos look old. =) Pretty tree!

We had scones for lunch, which is a traditional English afternoon tea thing to eat but these were humongous so they were more than sufficient for lunch =P

We visited the ruins of the Kenilworth Castle. XinHui is stooping on the ground coz her strong muscles broke the zip of her bag and she was trying to fix it HAHA. I was too busy laughing at and taking photos of her! =D (but i fixed it in the end ok? =P)

That's me sitting among the ruined walls of the castle.

Some self-shots on a bus trip hehheh... What to do handsome guy and pretty girl =P

The next day we went to the beautiful beautiful town of Stratford-upon-Avon, which is Shakespeare's birth place! EVERYTHING here had some link to shakespeare, and XinHui and I were joking that we would not be surprised if we saw a toilet which had the sign "This was where Shakespeare once frequented" haha...

XinHui in front of Shakespeare's birthplace. Damn big la haha..

Woots love this picture of XinHui and I by the river Avon. =)

And we visited Warwick castle after that! XinHui in her supermodel pose >.<

Climbed the tower of the Collegiate Church of St. Mary. XinHui's fav mode again =D

Warwick Castle from above the church. I think churches are so magical and majestic!

The sumptious CNY dinner we had that included laksa ( =D), char siew ( =D =D), cabbage and rost chicken!! =)

Yup that's all! All you peeps in sg take care ya? Those going for O1 camp fire tml please enjoy urselves, those meetin up with juniors this weekend also have fun! Update us on your lives! =)

Monday, February 02, 2009

Orientation 2009

Orientation 2009 (Rev-it up) is on 13th Feb 2009, Friday. Here's the link to the programme:

Anyone going back?

Monday, January 26, 2009


To all 7b-ers especially those who might be just so slightly lonely overseas,

A very happy chinese 牛 year! :)

Friday, January 02, 2009


2009's 1st post!

jus wanna wish ya all a belated happy new year! those restarting school next monday jiayouz! those ORD-ed personnel gd luck in finding a job (if u havent found one like me argh)! those ORD-ing soon, your almost there! =) to paul and xinhui, if you all are still holidaying, im envious! haha =P hope this yr's datuanbai is still on ya? i hope so haha. my hse is always open as usual if u wanna come yup.

hope to cya all soon. =)

Monday, December 15, 2008


Hello all of my dear 7B peeps!!!

I haven been here for forever!! Like CR i almost forgot how to come here le! (Actually i did forget, i was trying my luck with the (cant be THAT easy to forget this right? =P) but i used the wrong username haha so i got rejected b4 i dug up the right one from me memory!) I used to check it at least once every week! But dunno since when i stopped leh, forgot why i stopped also hehe..

Anyway I went out with XinHui today!! =) She came over to london so we went to one of the markets to walk walk lor.. ANd tml we are going to see the Greenwich Meridian, which is the 0 longitude line of the globe, and where they start counting time from like GMT + how many hours.. SO exciting! =D

It's winter now, perpetually below 5 degrees in london, which is a HUGE relief for me coz i'm very 怕热, and i hated stepping out of home and immediately being drenched in sweat... The ppl here are generally more friendly and polite than in sg, and they dress a lot nicer than in sg, coz u'll nvr find anybody going about in flip flops and singlets (maybe it's suicide in this weather haha), so the baseline is pants and coats and shirts, which is quite nice to see i guess, like ppl bothering to dress up b4 they step into the streets? =/ The architecture and buildings here are very nice, very european and colonial (?), but paris is WAY nicer in terms of design and lay out of the streets. =)

I went to paris during the one week break in nov, then jan will be going to switzerland!! Cant wait to fling myself in snow everyday HAHA. Then i'll go to coventry to look for XinHui during CNY (we can have our UK da tuan bai there while u guys have urs in sg! =) ). In feb i'll be going scotland, then march to portugal and april to spain. And after that i'll be back in sg for vacation attachment with SAF. During term time we work very hard also ok? Haha so it's not just all play and no work... It's more of like since u are in europe le then u must make full use of it and travel around when u have the chance. DUn wait until go back sg then regret not going to all these places right?=)

Congrats again KK!! Everybody else update what's going on in ur lives! =) I know there was a mini gathering last sat, and there was a mahjong session recently!! Tell us (me haha) more about them! =)

ALl take care loads ok!! See u guys when i go back during summer break!

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